Passionate about new music and curious about the various ways music can function in society, Claire Gunsbury is a performing flutist and teacher. She is currently pursuing her Master of Music in Flute Performance at Carnegie Mellon University with Lorna McGhee. Claire graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance, Bachelor of Music in Musicology, and Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship. She also holds a Certificate in Performing Arts Medicine from the Performing Arts Medicine Association.

recent recordings

Brian Lambert's dino-inspired piece "Archaeopteryx," performed by Claire and Er-Hsuan Li on piano. Check it out if you're into extended techniques and classical instruments attempting to re-enact a dinosaur chase. It's a wild ride.

Nathalia Kato (piano) and Claire performing Dustin Rumsey's work "Vanishing Point" for flute and piano. Recorded in Grusin Chamber Hall, Boulder, CO. 

"We don't see the destination. Just an idea in the distance. The path is unclear and chaotic and our journey is full of stumbling, hesitation, doubt. Yet if we strive forward, we learn the chaos can show us our way. And we find each other as we move ever toward the vanishing point."

Vanishing Point: I. Blind-ChaosDustin Rumsey
00:00 / 02:48
Vanishing Point - II. PathDustin Rumsey
00:00 / 10:25

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