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Inspiration from Vocalists

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had an amazing time playing with the Pittsburgh Opera. Talk about DRAMA! Opera singers know how to bring the fire to their music. It was inspiring to hear how they use their air to spin a phrase and propel it out into the hall, and to think about how similar it can be to playing the flute. 

This week in your practice, explore how you can connect to the air like a vocalist might. How can your air play? How can you sing through the flute? 

For more than just that tidbit, check out this amazing masterclass from Joyce DiDonato at Carnegie Hall. It’s over 2 hours, but jump around to any point and listen for 2 minutes… I bet you’ll find something worthwhile!

(Start at 4:00 for the first performer - so many instances of short but lively breaths in the piece she sings!)

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