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Peaceful Breathing

Breathing comes with a lot of baggage for flutists. We lose SO MUCH of our air when we're playing and therefore need so much more than other wind players to make a quality sound. Because of the challenges, we sometimes breathe in tense and unnatural ways (understandably so!!)

This week I want you to explore the concept of peaceful breathing.

Next time you're about to take your flute out, stop and take a minute. Notice what your breathing feels like when you're breathing naturally. Where in your body are you moving? Your lungs? Back? Chest? Shoulders?

After a couple breaths, take your flute out and put it together. Stand or sit as you're about to play and pause once again before you bring it up to your face. What does your breath feel like here?

Finally, bring your flute up to your face as if you're about to play. Take a couple natural breaths, as before. Now, play your warm up. As you play, come back to the question: where can I invite more peace into my breathing?

The point of this is not to say breathing and playing the flute are easy... AT ALL. It's simply to observe what is going on and investigate how it could be a tiny bit easier with increased awareness.

Happy practicing!


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